Gas Boiler Servicing

Gas appliance servicing should be carried out every 12 months to ensure safe and efficient use. Faults developing in poorly maintained appliances can lead to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas building up within your home.

An annual boiler service costs just £84 (inc. VAT).

The pictures below show the benefits of having your boiler serviced. Debris obstructing the burner and heat exchanger can greatly reduce the efficiency of the boiler. Removing this debris can help to achieve a clean burning flame and optimum efficiency of the appliance.

Below is a list of typical work involved whilst carrying out a service (some of these checks are not applicable to all boilers).

  • Appliance cleaned of debris
  • Gas pressures checked and adjusted
  • CO2 levels checked and adjusted
  • Condensate trap inspected and cleaned
  • Flue system inspected
  • Gas tightness test to ensure no gas leaks in property
  • Digital flue analysis to record CO and CO2 levels in flue gases
  • Spark electrode cleaned
  • Fan lubricated
  • Case seals checked
  • Visual inspection of all other gas appliances in property
  • Gas Safety Certificate issued

Depending on your boiler, some of the above may not be necessary whilst other boilers require additional checks.

For annual servicing of boilers or other gas appliances, please get in touch. Call 07581 419 635 or 01993 880147, or email me on and I will get back to you.

gas boiler servicing cover removed

This is an Ideal Icos boiler with the cover removed, ready for being serviced.

gas boiler servicing burner removed

Removing the burner and fan gives access to the heat exchanger.

gas boiler servicing debris on heat exchanger

This picture shows debris collected on the fins of the heat exchanger which will affect the efficiency of the boiler. This debris also has a negative effect on the combustion properties.

gas boiler servicing clean heat exchanger

With the debris removed, the heat exchanger is able to capture more heat from the combustion gases leading to improved efficiency of the boiler.

gas boiler servicing flue gas analyser

Using a flue gas analyser, the gas pressure and quality of the flue gases can be measured.A certificate is also issued showing the results of the boiler service.

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