Central Heating Power Flushing

Quite often, radiators on a central heating system can become ‘sludged up’. There are two common causes for this:

  • System not flushed out properly when installed, thereby leaving flux within the pipework
  • Central heating system piped incorrectly, therefore allowing air to be drawn into the system

Symptoms which may indicate sludge within the system are:

  • Uneven temperature of radiators (hot at the top and cold at the bottom)
  • Banging noise from boiler
  • Radiators only lukewarm or no heat at all
  • Boiler overheating
  • Pump and/or motorised valves failing
  • Blocked pipework

Using a dedicated Power Flushing machine with an inline magnetic filter and flushing chemicals, the sludge is removed from the system and efficiency restored.

Central Heating power flushing

The machine used allows flushing in both directions, giving a more effective flush. The magnetic filter traps the sludge, preventing it from being re-circulated and also allows the flushing chemicals to remain in the system.

Once the sludge has been removed, clean water is flushed through the system to remove the flushing chemicals. Once complete, the correct dosage of chemical inhibitor is introduced to the central heating water for added protection.

To prevent future sludge build up, it may be necessary to make minor alterations to the system pipework. This can be discussed if required.

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